Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Best Films on the Island!

I really mean what I say in that title, because aside from a lot of endlessly repeated footage on KVZK of Flag Day 1997 and a single movie theater that is currently only playing a second-run copy of "Hotel for Dogs," there aren't a lot of other places to get your motion-picture fix on the island.* So here are some of the best things available here. And by that, I mean the latest batch of things that I made for work.

No newly-filmed stuff; it's all animations and such this time.

This is from our new thing, Samoa on the Web. We find funny or otherwise entertaining clips of Samoans on the Internet and air them in five-minute blocks. What you see in this video is the awesome intro, a quick sample of the kind of thing we found, and the awesome outro. The echoy effect of the voice over isn't in the actual intro and outro. I have no idea how it got like that.

This is an animation I made for The Phrase that Pays (in case you didn't read the title). They gave me the radio version of the ad and told me to make it into a TV ad. The result is...ah...this. I personally think it's awesome.

This is basically a way better way of saying "ad time available!" I designed this one to be sleek. The thing that appears around the question mark is a conference table, if you can't figure that out. Joey saw it four times before he knew what it was.

*Okay, except for the Phantom cable channels, CNN international, and movies on DVD.
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