Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Island of LOL WUT

I think everyone has their own personal nickname for this island. Barbara refers to it as "Neverland," Jeremy uses the popular (and possibly wrestling-related) nickname "The Rock." I like to refer to it as "the Island of LOL WUT."

It comes from a popular Internet meme picture:

And for those of you who don't speak fluent Internet, it means:

I call this The Island of LOL WUT because of all the strange things you see here. Trucks driving down the street with two flat tires and then turning down a road that leads away from any place where it could be fixed. Inflatable moving snowmen decorations on top of relatives' a front yard. Stores that sell "edible beef blood." Oh, and I have photographic proof of both of those last two...somewhere on my hard drive.

This past week I met one of the guys that runs KVZK-TV. He said that when he first moved here around 1999, blogging existed, but it wasn't a big thing like it is today. So instead of a blog, he sent everyone who requested it a daily email consisting of a single strange thing that he had seen here. "Today I saw someone mowing their lawn with a weed wacker." "Last week I saw a pickup truck with no fewer than 10 kids riding in the back," etc.

One day, after about a year of living here, he announced that he had lived here long enough that nothing was strange to him anymore. He had become accustomed to even the strangest of customs.

It's very true. One day I'm taking pictures of thingsthat look strange to me, and the next I find myself carrying half a dozen cinderblocks around in the trunk of my car. To be used as furniture, of course. And just last night, I discovered how well I can sleep without air conditioning.


On a completely unrealated note, I recently recieved my copy of The Onion's Our Dumb World in the mail, which I had bought on eBay just two months ago. It's a parody of an atlas, and makes fun of nearly every single country and territory that's big enough for them to notice (not this one). While the entry on (Independent) Samoa is particularly hilariously mean, so much so that I'd better not repeat it, it's not the reason why I'm mentioning it here. It's actually because of the forthcoming apocylapse that it warned of:

I realize that it's already the post-apocalyptic world in most of the planet. So for those of you in time zones that have already survived this catastrophe, please let me know how I can survive in the comments section.
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