Monday, February 22, 2010

Island Fever

Good news. The island made it through the hurricane with barely a scratch. For whatever reason, it made a sharp turn at the very last second and the eye of the storm passed about 20 miles to the south of the island. Turns out that, like tourists, hurricanes don't want to come here either.

Jamie was the only casualty. And his family is doing better than I thought. Turns out that he wasn't the sole income earner for the family after all (his wife is a teacher) and his family is has strong connections to the rest of the Filipino community and will probably be getting all the help they need. Although his death is still a terrible tragedy, his family is a lot better off than it first seemed. So yeah.

Anyway, I've heard quite a few times that in order to maintain your personal sanity, you need to get off the island at least once every six months. Three months if you count trips to Western Samoa.

I first arrived on this island in November 2008. My first and only trip off was for 48 hours in July, and that was to Western Samoa. That was just over seven months ago. Not counting that brief vacation, I haven't been anyplace other than this tiny island for 1 year, 3 months and 6 days, or 40,003,200 seconds.

And to that I have to say:

Asdlfjk¨hasflkø∑jy&asflkjh afdfucmqieruexn! Uy2@0£uynpolneayƒ¢∞¶• fbae≤.

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Sdftrz T.

This past Christmas was the worst. In case being away from home for Christmas wasn't bad enough, about half of my on-island friends went off-island, plus I was going through some crazy unbloggable drama. It got to the point where I was fighting the urge to run outside with a shovel and start digging a hole in the ground just to deal the island a little damage. And I don't even own a shovel.

Hey, it makes sense when you're insane.

But that's all changed now. I finally got to go to Western again this past weekend, to attend my friend and coworker Sene's wedding. And it was amazing. The wedding too. I'm about to start writing about it, and will get the first part published as soon as my Internet connection stops cutting out for hours at a time.

Yes, I realize that the fact that I went somewhere last weekend makes a lot of the details of the second paragraph technically untrue, seeing as it's all about how I haven't been anywhere in ages. I actually wanted to write this entry about a week ago but my connection kept cutting ou

ENDNOTE: Right after I ended this entry with that joke, I lost my web connection just before I could hit "Publish." And I did the same joke with my Facebook status, and the exact same thing happened. Clearly my ISP has become sentient.

February 22nd, 2010: The day BlueSkyNet became self-aware.
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