Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coming of Age in Alaska

So after a long, drawn-out, 18-month stint of unemployment¹, I am employed again. And not just anywhere, but on a cruise ship in Alaska's Inland Passage, on a ship that starts and ends its cruises in Vancouver. I leave first thing tomorrow for Juneau. My contract is for 8 months. Barring any total surprises, I'll be there until the end of the tourist season in September, then I'll be sent somewhere else.

Since I expect to be really busy, I don't think I'll have time to keep a real blog, so I'll be publishing to a Twitter feed instead. You can follow (or just occasionally glance at) me at If you're not familiar with Twitter, all you really need to do is just click that link once in a while to see what I've been writing.

As for this blog, I still hope to finish it some day when I'm not having all my time eaten up by a big job like this one or that panicked any-time-not-spent-job-searching-is-totally-wasted feeling. There's only about six entries left, some of which are especially good.

But anyhow, who knows what kind of wacky adventures, big surprises, and such things I'll have?

Let's close for now with a relevant-enough image that I swiped from Google Image Search that happens to look a lot like Blogger's "Insert Image" icon:

¹Not accounting for 2.5 months at the summer camp, freelance gigs, or a few temp jobs.
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