Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lake Mormon

So a week ago it was raining hard. Really hard. Imagine the hardest rain you've ever been in. Now throw that image out of your head completely because it's nothing like the intensity that goes on here in tropical rainforest areas. While leaving church and then going to lunch, I took some pictures:

This was actually taking the long way around, because there was an even bigger puddle in the way of my normal route. But on the way back, I decided that I was being silly, and that I could certainly wake* it through the big puddle in front of the Mormon church, known as the Great Salt Lake and Lake Mormon.

"See, there was no need to drive all the way around town just to avoid this puddle!"

*Car dies*


Some Samoans who saw me jump out and wade through water that was just beneath the floorboards of my car were nice enough to help me push it out of the water. Refer to the picture at the top of the post, taken three hours later. One of them told me to come back in a few hours and try to start it again, so I went home and learned about how my engine may have been destroyed through the magic of hydro-locking. A few hours later, it didn't start. I almost called a tow truck that night, but at the advice of my friend Barbara, who's blog can now be found to the right, decided to wait until the next morning so I can have this Indian she knows come and look at it for much cheaper.

I come outside the next morning to leave the key for the mechanic. Joey is with me, ready to give me a ride to work. Just for the hell of it, I start up my engine and...IT WORKS! I drive it all the way to work without any problem but a clacking noise from the engine and a chugging at very low speeds. I drive it for the entire next few days without any more problems, save for when I drive it up a steep hill and can here a boiling sound coming from the engine after I stop the car.

Yeah, I'm getting it looked at.

I'm expecting to get it back in the middle of next week.

Next time: My wacky adventures of riding the agia buses around this weekend.

*This was an actual typo that I made, but I think it was more of a Freudian slip.
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