Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Anniversial Brooding! Horray!

Well everyone, it has now been a year since a very monumental event in my life. On that beautiful, fateful spring day in 2008, something that I will remember as long as I live took place.

I had my best Facebook status ever:

"Adam Leonard beat college. The end boss was hard."

Oh, and the "end boss" was hard. My last day of finals involved both a major presentation and a final project for animation class, both of which turned out pretty well in the end. Probably because I got about two hours of sleep that night.

Yes, it was 365 days ago today that my world was turned upside-down and I was no longer a college student. I took my first steps in to the adult world, to be followed with five months of being unemployed and living in my parents' house.¹ Finally, I left what I had dubbed the "Parallel Universe" (being stuck somewhere between college and the real world), and came to the Surreal World, as the tagline of this blog calls it. Eventually, I'll get around to joining the real world. Maybe.

You know, if you had told me a year ago that I was going to be spending more than six of the next 12 months on an island, I would have thought it was a metaphor of some sort.

Anyway, I'd go over what's happened to me in such a wacky year, but I already blogged about that in my wrapup of 2008, and last week. Instead, let's look at where a few of my friends are now. There's a special focus on those that graduated (or were originally intended to graduate) as part of the Class of '08, but I'm going to be pretty loose with that. I won't name any names, as some of them may not want the great rush of fame and media pressure that comes with being mentioned on such a wildly popular blog.

So, as of now, what I know from the top of my head and Facebooka is:

At least seven of my friends are living and working in Hollywood.

One is also living and working in the Outer Rim Terriories (At a newspaper in Guam).

One climbed mountains all summer before going to grad school during the winter before he starts climbing again.

At least eight are going to grad school somewhere.

At least five have gotten married or are about to be, one of whom happens to also be in Hollywood.

At least five appear to have bounced around Europe for at least a few weeks or are currently doing so.

At least two graduated early.

At least six are just now graduating.

At least two um..hope to graduate next year.

Nearly all of my friends that wanted to work in media are getting to. We're talking about at least 15, going by what I know alone. Only two are working elsewhere. Awesome!

However, the majority of my friends didn't fill out their work info on their Facebook pages, which might mean that they're not working at all. Or that they're lazy. Probably both.

Six talked to me on Skype just today.

One has a party to go to now and can't keep blogging forever without missing more of it. I'll try and refine these numbers a bit later.

¹It's worth noting that just within the last few weeks, I had finally spent more post-graduation days being employed than unemployed.
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