Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take a Look

Yes everyone, today is an important anniversary. It was just a week ago that I did that post about it being a year since I graduated. Let's spend some time looking back on...

OK seriously, I just want to post this awesome music video that I did most of the shooting work on. It's directed by BlueSky's Tukaine, who learned just about everything he knows about videomaking from YouTube. Joey, my boss, explains as follows:

Four guys made quite a stir in the MacConnell Dowell rock quarry this past weekend while taping scenes for a new music video. And I sure had a blast! The story starts 18 months ago when I wrote and recorded a track called Monkey On My Back which I sent to my friend and fellow musician Tulaga "Tukaine" Whitcombe. He remixed it with a hip-hop flavor and added lots of his own personality to the song. We're both busy guys, so we haven't done any other projects together but we always talked about shooting a music video for Monkey.
Saturday was the day. I got 93KHJ morning show host John Raynar, our friend Tusi, Tulaga and myself down to a rock quarry for the shoot. We tapped TV guy Adam Leonard to run the camera for us. Tulaga had a concept for the video. Work. Dirt. Another Place. You see, all the other local music videos invariably have an island theme. Beaches. Palms. Green stuff. We, on the other hand, had rocks, dirt and grease. It was a ton of fun. Tulaga did all the editing and post-production work. He just sent me the first cut.

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