Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tale of Lua Samoas, Part Three

Where was I? Oh yes, it was a month ago, and we were in Samoa, on our way to Sene's wedding. Kolio and I met up with Lupe and Joey. We were headed straight for the wedding!

But first we decided to stop and look at the Baha'i temple. If I've got this blog set up right, you can click it to see a bigger image.

I think it was actually bigger than that.

From there we went directly to the resort where the wedding would be held. It had been hit really hard by the tsunami, and was in the middle of being rebuilt.

But it was still a very nice place.

Looks like a goo place for a wedding.

It is.Did I mention that Joey performed the ceremony? Yep, apparently my boss is a preacher in the Universal Life Church, AKA That Preacher Thing With the Ads In Rolling Stone. I didn't know this until the ceremony began. You learn something every day, I suppose.

A lot of family members are there. All the pictures during and after the ceremony, by the way, are transferred from the video that I took and will edit into their wedding video.

There is cake.
And dancing.

And a beautiful sunset, none of which tranfered to stills that well.

There is also a great seafood buffet, about a dozen more guests, Lupe singing "The Rose," and a belly dancer. None of which I have good stills of anyway.

Congratulations to Sene and Angie! I'll have your video done
sooner or later!



Yes, there
was REALLY a belly dancer after the reception!


...Yes, she was kind of hot. But, like nearly every other woman I've met since moving down here, she was soon telling me about her husband and kids. But her story was interesting, as she's an American citizen who just went to on vacation to Samoa a few years back and decided to stay. And by stay, I mean move back several years later when she got the chance.

...I wouldn't.

Anyhow, it was a great wedding. But I had a whole 'nother half-day on the island, which there will be a whole 'nother entry for, along with a lot of general observations that I made.
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