Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tale of Lua Samoas, Part Two

Before I get back to talking about the wedding, I have more exciting Internet-related news!

I came home from work about two weeks ago to discover that my Internet wasn't working again, even though it had been a few days since I had had any problems. I called up my ISP and found out that it was intentionally turned off. According to them, I had called a few days ago and told them to turn off my Internet connection because I was leaving the island permanently.

Yeah. I wasn't.

So they switched it back on within a few minutes, and everything was fine until about a week later when one of my coworkers called me and told me that he had just learned that a BlueSkynet crew would be headed to my apartment later that day to de-install my Internet antenna, 'cause, you know, I was moving off the island and stuff. Another call to Customer Service put a stop to that. They said they didn't know anything about who had called or anything like that.

So now I know that BlueSkynet is not only self-aware, it's apparently gained the ability to make phone calls.


Anyhow, my second day in Samoa started with a big Samoan breakfast and a drive along the shoreline back into town.

Once in Apia, we drove past the Magik Theater of Copyright Infringement.

Click for a bigger version that shows you how bad it really is. And I'm not talking about the shakiness of my camera.

Then we drove around that part of the island a bit.
Samoa's Parliamentary building, or something like that.


A future government building that is being paid for by the Chinese Government.
I'm sure they expect nothing in return.

The Faleata Sports Complex, home of the 2007 South Pacific Games.
Did you know they had South Pacific Games? You do now.

The other Maliu Mai. Just in case you thought it was the one in American Samoa.

Then we had lunch. And Kolio told me that the story everyone on the radio was talking excitedly about was that an emu had been captured on the island, and they were trying to figure out where it had come from. Actually, I think that part had happened the day before, but I forgot to mention it.

When I start telling things out of order like that, I'm either trying a new video editing technique or it's time for bed. More next time, including the actual wedding.
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